Weekend on Mt Cod (RadioBall #14)

by Travis, Shook & the Club Wow


Before the Philharmonic and the Incredible Casuals, way back in the 70s, was Travis & Shook (aka Travis Shook & the Club Wow.) This one features home tapes, live stuff, and 2 outtakes from our only album (w. cameos from Q members), plus much fine work from Keith Spring and constant genius acoustic guitar voicings from the legendary Steve Shook.

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released June 4, 2000

1. Electroshook
2. They Don't Have to Tell Me Now
3. You Better Slow Down
4. A Night at Home
5. Fireman Bill's Calypso Breakdown
6. If You Lindy
7. Hold Me Tight
8. Hush Now Baby
9. Just a Phase/That's Right
10. Wedding Song
11. Saturn Girls/Casa Malibu
12. When You Wish Upon a Star (excerpt)
13. Must Be Love
14. No Place Like Earth
15. Bill 'n' Frank
16. All's Well That Ends
17. Bob Throws in the Towel Calypso
18. Walkin' On Air
19. Japanese Silky (excerpt)
20. Smecky
21. Dem Changes
22. Teenage Prayer



Steve Shook Massachusetts

After a long hiatus, Steve Shook is back on the scene with his first solo recording.

This follows an early career that featured stints with:
- Venezuelan garage band Homer and the Dont's;

- a high school band that included Jeff "Skunk" Baxter;

- Boston legends Travis, Shook and the Club Wow (who toured for a decade opening shows for George Carlin);

- Cape Cod mainstays The Incredible Casuals
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